Contract Works

As part of our projects, we create temporary architecture. Aluminum trusses are lightweight and durable at the same time, they can be used as columns or horizontal multi-field beam. Available in different dimensions, straight, circle or corner as well as the colors silver and black, we have the right product for every requirement.


Concert or conference, background sound, announcement or keynote speech: we deliver the right cutlery for every ear delight.


We make sure that the sun shines for your guests. Admittedly, we can not influence the natural light, but even in total darkness, we make artists or products shine. From buffet to decorative lighting to show or fair lighting, we have the right spotlight for your requirements.

Media Technology

Modern presentation technology has become the standard not only in conferences or annual general meetings. Projections, LED walls and multimedia content are now part of every trade fair or event. We regard the linking of all contents to a perfectly coordinated overall construct as our task.


Boards that mean the world or simply a sturdy substructure: the stage is the place where actors and products are staged. Depending on the terrain, both flexible platform solutions and ready-made stage trailers are used. The stability, even in adverse weather and environmental conditions is the basis of our planning.

Installation & Sale

What if it should stay longer? Although our focus is on rental, fixed installations and the sale of system components are also part of our offer. We are happy to support multimedia projects in the field of sound reinforcement, lighting and media technology with creative solutions and budget-oriented implementation.

Planning & Visualization

It is not drama if the project does not go according to plan. It’s a drama if the project manager does not know about it.

Peter Hobbs, Project Manager